3 Reasons You Need Exercise Gliders In Your Life

  • by Team Glow
Glow Getters, get in here! We've got a new fitness accessory that you're going to love to hate. We're so excited to introduce our new exercise gliders. Will it burn? Yes! Like a lot? Hell yes! But it is so worth it. Keep reading for more on our new gliding discs.   
Woman using exercise glider for core workout
When we discovered the amazing results you can get with slider discs we had to add them to the Glow accessories collection. One of the key benefits of exercise gliders is it increases your mobility and range. This means you’re able to activate more of the muscles in your core so you can maximize your results. Washboard abs just got more attainable with these babies.

We know you want the scoop on this amazing accessory and we've got you covered sis. Read on for some FAQ's of gliding discs.

bundle of exercise gliders from glow activewear

What are the benefits of exercise gliders?

Exercise gliders intensify your workout by activating and engaging your core. Because the gliders allow you to increase your stability you can get a greater range of motions. This increase in range challenges your body in intense and new ways. For you this means an insane but satisfying burn. Your ab workouts are going to really start paying off when you add these to your routine.

How do I use exercise gliders?

You can use your discs at the gym or for working out at home. The felt underside guarantees it's safe to slide across any surface, including wood and tile. You should carefully assess the workouts you want to do, then place your hand or feet in the center of the discs for balance. Some sliding disc exercises may call for you to use your knees, which you'd also want to place in the center.

What muscles do exercise gliders work?

Gliders are most popular for ab and core workouts. They can be used to train other muscle groups like your legs and booty. Either way, get ready for a crazy burn.

What are some workouts that I can do with my exercise gliders?

Lateral Lunges

Our favorite workout to do with exercise gliders are lateral lunges. Center your feet on the discs until you find your balance and slide your foot outward while keeping your other foot planted. Girl do you feel that burn!? Whew. Repeat 15 to 20 times.

Arm Slide Out

When we're training abs, arm slide out's are another workout we use exercise gliders for. Start by getting on your hands and knees. For maximum comfort place a mat under your knees. Then center your hands on the discs and slide your arms out as far you you can go and engage your core to slide them back in, returning to the position in front of your knees. Maintain a flat back throughout this workout. Repeat 10 - 15 times.

Drop us a comment on our instagram @glowactive if you have some excercise glider workouts you recommend!

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